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OOAK Table Tennis Forum (Australie)
  1. REVIEW: Re-Impact Rapier 44 by Tommy Zai
  2. Pros return most serves with a push that negates spin - how?
  3. Hip bursitis
  4. I am disappointed that the rubbers last so long
  5. FS- Old Stiga Johansson Blade
  6. FS- Butterfly Blade Senkoh 90
  7. Blade recommendations needed
  8. Super Block Extreme
  9. Players to model who chop and attack with inverted rubber
  10. Yang Xiaoxin long pips attack
  11. Long pips Dawei 388D-1 (diversification)
  12. FS: w968 NATIONAL Blade
  13. LF: DHS Hurricane Classic blade or DHS 08 (Shakehand) blade
  14. Looking for review: Power Pong 5000 vs Amicus Prime
  15. Liu Shiwen, Victas Koki Niwa or Innerforce Layer ZLC?
MyTableTennis.NET Forum (Canada)
  1. For sale : FS: lots of fantastic blades
  2. General : Chinese National Team
  3. General : Chinese National Team
  4. Equipment : Alternatives for Tibhar MXP
  5. Equipment : sandpaper like WC of PingPong
  6. General : Chinese National Team
  7. General : Chinese National Team
  8. For sale : LF: Butterfly Hadraw VR FL
  9. General : Chinese National Team
  10. General : Chinese National Team
TableTennisDaily Forum (Royaume-Uni)
  1. Why no reverse modern defenders?
  2. Stiga shakehand blade enquiries
  3. TSP Swat: Unpopular Popularity
  4. Table tennis wood glue
  5. My transition from Penhold to Shakehand
  6. Pls tell if I am buying a good combination of racket and rubber.
  7. Official ITTF videos quality of editing
  8. How do you hit the ball with so much backspin that it comes back to your side?
  9. What is the fastest 4h rubber
  10. Hybrid Rubbers and factory tuned rubbers
  11. asia pacific veteran table tennis 2019
  12. Difference between MX-P and Victas V15 Extra?
  13. Xiom Rubbers
  14. Hello peeps
  15. Can gambling affect tt results ?

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